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Christine Roth(non-registered)
Those photos are truly works of art and a piece of Michigan that I'm sure few people have ever seen.
Joan B. Seller(non-registered)
Dear Gwen,
What a treat to view your latest photos. I love your work as it has a spiritual sense
to it. You have managed to capture the character of our Father's world at its best.
Am popping my comments in the U.S. Mail tomorrow as I have written them on
a note pad, and they are too lengthly to put in an E mail.
Your work is quite inspirational. I don't say that as your mom, but as a
professional artist and a believer. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos.
Dorothy McDonald(non-registered)
Revisiting your site and marveling at the new editions. Loving every bit of it. Artistry from the eye of the artist! Truly an innate talent, Gwen.
Pauline Anne Curtis(non-registered)
Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I really love the compositions, textures and patterns. This is certainly more evidence of a picture family characteristic!
Joan B Seller(non-registered)
Dear Gwen.
Hope you will do more Michigan, perhaps some of the Upper Peninsula.
These photos of yours are inspiring. Love your viewpoints. Looking forward to
more of your work.
Mom and Dad(non-registered)
Hey, we forgot to sign our first entry! So. . .

Love, Mom and Dad
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Seller(non-registered)
Dear Gwen.
We love how you captured the texture of the grasses in number one. Truly a bit of
"my Fathers world." Thank you for that inspiring image. Keep up the good work.
Love your images.

Your Web site is very user friendly, and you should get a lot of nice things said about
it as others become familiar with it. We intend to return to it regularly.
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