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I am passionate about the unfound joy and beauty  in the world all around us. Photography captured my  heart when I received my first point and shoot camera on my twelfth birthday; four years later I bought my first real 35mm camera.  The transition from film to digital has been enlightening and I have not looked back since making the leap. A strong  family art background and a  B.L.A. from Michigan State University influence my work and my perceptions.   A lifetime of rich and varied experiences  have built the foundation upon which my artistry rests.   My work  emphasizes nature, fine art and healing art,  but  I will photograph anything that catches my eye. I devote my free time to photography whenever I can.


Sometimes I like to create strictly for the sake of beauty. Hidden messages or meanings are an added bonus.   Beauty makes one feel better, it rests the soul, it provides respite from a challenging world.  Sometimes I just like to fool around with the camera and have fun for the sake of fun, but the results are still joyful and thoughtful. Some shots are painstakingly set  up, while others are off the fly.  Some shots are taken  thousands of miles away, others are taken right in my own backyard.  There is so much to see and capture, and it's all real, and it is found all around us - you don't have to go far.  If just one of my images touches someone in a meaningful way, then I consider my job done.